Pam Series MC 3D printer metal ceramic open to materials pellets granules industrial
Main specifications
3D printing process PAM
Number of extruder 2
Compatible materials Metal & Ceramic feedstocks, high performance, performance, standard & TPE materials
Print volume Ø 300 x H 300 mm
Printing resolution 40µm (Z) and 5µm (X,Y)
Heating room up to 80°C
Radiant disc up to 300°C
Print bed 150°C and 250°C in options
Supplied Software Honeyprint & Cura by Pollen AM

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Pam Series MC 3D printer:

Obtain 100% metallic or ceramic parts thanks to indirect additive manufacturing.

Benefit from the already available PIM feedstocks materials for the production from unit parts to small and medium batch.

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Product Details

  • Diameter: 834 mm
  • Height: 925 mm
  • Weight: 95 Kg
#Code Article
S-PAM-MC-001 Pam Series MC

Compatible materials