TPU Natural - 33 Shore D

TPU Natural - 33 Shore D

TPU Natural is a flexible thermoplastic that can print many parts that require great flexibility. It is ideally suited for industrial applications and offers a high quality of resolution when printed.

This TPU is particularly suitable to produce seals, tyres, belts, materials with interstitial stresses, etc.

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Main 3D printing parameters

Advised nozzles Brass 0.25 | 0.4 | 0.6 | 0.8 | 1.0 | 1.2 mm
Printing temperatures 200 - 210°C
Buildplate substrate PEI film
Builplate temperature 50 - 70°C

Typical properties

33 Shore D
Tensile modulus
12 MPa
Tensile strength at break
4 MPa
Elongation at break

Typical properties; not to be construed as specifications.
ASTM D638.