Hervé Pelletier

Hervé Pelletier Insa Strasbourg

We are pleased to introduce in this article one of our users, Hervé Pelletier, University Professor and Co-responsible for the Work-Study Program in Plastics Processing at INSA Strasbourg.

INSA Strasbourg is a French engineering school whose specialties are oriented towards mechanical disciplines.

The curriculum offered by the Mechanical Department is itself divided into three specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Plastics Processing and Mechatronics, each of which may use 3D printing technologies.

It is within this Mechanical Department, among the INSA Strasbourg's materials platform, that Hervé has set up a unit dedicated to 3D printing.

He accepted to provide us with some information on the functioning of this unit, as well as on the various additive manufacturing projects he is currently working on.